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Amateur Radio (Ham radio) in the UK is controlled by the UK Government through Ofcom.

If you want to become an Amateur and gain a UK Amateur callsign you need to sit an amateur exam. The exams are set at three levels : Foundation, Intermediate and Full.

The exam papers come from the national body, the Radio Society of Great Britain who handle exams on behalf of Ofcom. Riviera Amateur Radio Club can provide training for the Foundation exam.

Please note that training is run by volunteers and as such times & dates need to fit in with those involved.


RSBG Exam costs From April 2023

Foundation exam


Intermediate exam


Full exam


Straight to full




Evening training sessions.

It is now possible to take an examination to progress straight to a Full licence, details are available on the RSGB website. The option to progress via three separate examinations Foundation, Intermediate and Full, is still available and supported by Riviera Amateur Radio Club

At this time, Riviera ARC makes no fee for providing training to full club members. All they pay is the RSGB exam fees (which are out of our control and subject to change) the cost of hire of the venue for the Exam shared if more than one candidate is present. The club has limited resources, training & exams are run by volunteers .We can provide training, assessments & exams for non members but they will have to be charged an administration fee of £20 on top of the RSGB exam fees. Regrettably this is non negotiable.


Pass or Fail ?

After you have sat the exam, the invigilators will check your paper on the night and tell you your mark, ( Foundation and intermediate only). This is only an indicative mark which has to be confirmed when the papers get marked at RSGB headquarters.

If you have passed then you will receive your pass certificate in the post a little while afterwards. RSGB take a minimum of 10 working days to process exam papers starting from the date they receive them.

Once you have your certificate you can apply for your callsign on the Ofcom website. We will tell you more about how to do this later.


Self training

It is possible to train yourself by following the Foundation Licence Manual (current edition available from the RSGB website bookshop) but we would only recommend this to people with some form of relevant background experience.


Full Licence training

At the current time, we are not running formal training for the Full courses.

We can administer the Full exams in Torquay. They are now bookable on one months notice. This is an RSGB requirement not ours.

For more information or to register your interest in a course, please email the club.

RSGB Resources – You can download the syllabus from the RSGB and/or buy the course books from the RSGB shop. RSGB WEBSITE

The course books are also available elsewhere but please make sure to get the most up to date version. You will need a copy of the relevant book. Your trainer may have copies of the relevant book and/or calculator for sale at the start of your course.







Please see the propagation chart to check if the bands you want to use are open

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