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This is the Wires-X mode on this Yaesu FT-991 for C4FM Please note the split frequencies for RF access and the radio is in Wires X mode



This radio is connected to the DMR Brandmiester network, it is programed to talk group TG23500 ( South West UK).

The radio access's the internet via a hotspot this connects to the internet to make communications possible all over the world.


Welcome to the wires X and C4FM page above you can see 2 radios in digital mode ready for use, The Yaesu FT991 is in Wires X mode C4FM and the radio on the right is attached to Brandmiester Talk Group TG23500.

If you are new to amateur radio DMR is a mode that will let you contact to people around the world using a radio, computer via your internet connection,

Once you’ve got you’re ID form Brandmiester and also wires X, you will be able to speak to other amateur radio operators around the world, you might also consider some setup assistance as you will need some equipment like a hotspot if you intend to use a radio or hand held to access the service.

If you intend to use a PC or MAC to access the DMR mode then a different type of configuration will be required to access the Brandmiester network. The Wires X network is Yaesu specific and will require a radio with that mode on it like a FTM300 for example. this radio comes with wires X and C4FM capability. Members of the club get this support included and we will be only to happy to help, please get in touch with the club via the admin email address below.


Email: admin@rivieraarc.org.uk





Please see the propagation chart to check if the bands you want to use are open

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