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Thanks for stopping by, on this page you will find links to some useful sites to obtain original software from the leading equipment manufacturers please note "Riviera Amateur Radio Club" do not host any of the software.

Please take great care to ensure that you download the correct software for your radio, If you are in any duet stop and get advise from a trusted source. If you would like to add a link to the section of the web site please submit this to email address below. Thank you and enjoy.





Mat - Tuner




This set of reg keys work on windows 10, it stops the windows 11 upgrade

Windows 11 reg fix to stop automatic update


Set the time to correct time on windows for FT8

NET TIME Download

WSJTX Information page

WSJTX download page


Log 4OM


Reesistor Colour Codes




Want to check the optimum length for a long wire please see below.

The Revised lenghts that are advised are

29, 35.5, 41, 58, 71, 84, 107, 119, 148, 203, 407, 423

All lengths are in feet, some experimentation will be require to get the best setup

Please remember that the antenna does not have to be in a straight line it can be bent to accommodate your space



If you have any good tips please pass them on so we can share them










Please see the propagation chart to check if the bands you want to use are open

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