Getting Started in Amateur Radio


Just passed your "Foundation Exam"

What steps you need to do, LICENCE first.

First of all from Riviera ARC we would like to extend our congratulations to you for passing the first level of your Amatuer Radio journey the "Foundation Exam",

So what do you do now, what are your first steps,  Go to the RSGB website and and get a copy of your pass certificate as you will need to have this to get your actual licence from OFCOM this next link will take you directly the licence holder sign on page sign on page, this page will give you an option to sign up. Sign on page




Your next steps are to get on the air with your new callsign and some radio equipment, but what do you need to buy and more importantly what do you not need to purchsase now. At this point I would get some advice from your local club, I would 100% recommend that you join a club I remember when I was in this exact situation. the expertise and knowledge that was offered to me by RARC and its members saved me a lot of time and  money.


You will find that lots of companies will sell you lots of radios and equipment and some are good but you will want to have a plan of what you want to do now and achieve late on, This will in some cases be driven by your budget.

Here are some links to some good outlets for you to look at. Please note we are not affiliated to these companies in any way and you will see them listed in Radcom (RSGB Magazine)


Amateur Radio Shops, Marine Radio, Radio ham equipment for sale, Radio Aerials,



Lamco radio


Martin Lynch and Sons

ML&S Martin Lynch and Sons Ltd


Moonraker Online

Radio Communication Antennas and Accessories | Moonraker UK LTD (


Nevada Radio

Amateur Radio - Nevada Radio


Waters and Stanton

Amateur Radio - Waters & Stanton (






Please see the propagation chart to check if the bands you want to use are open

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