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4 Way HF antenna switch By M7WLL

The 4 way antenna switch was required a solution to a planned shack move at my home QTH, The kit was very straightforward in it’s assembly with very little need for much soldering

The switch has been connected over existing Ethernet CAT6, this connection has been isolated form the internal home internet network as it requires is own dedicated 12v DC supply to switch the relays onboard to change the correct antenna required for TX.  

The switch has as ground system so when the remanding 3 switched antenna SO239’s are not in use they are grounded to the board, the connection via RJ45 at the ports were tested and fault free over a testing period of time, switching is via a small controller board that connects to the main switch over Ethernet distance is a good 10M meters distance in another building.


The assembly of the SO239 was nut and bolt configuration with the need to solder only the middle pin of the connector. the 5 pin header had to be soldered to the board also.









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